Get Your Instagram Story Views And Video Views

Every brand and business need to buy Instagram story views and video views just for boosting the products and business in the campaign of Digital marketing.

If you want to get more views on your story and you want your story will be shown to many users worldwide then you need to buy Instagram views in this way you can increase your followers and engagement with people. On the other hand, if you want to increase views on your Instagram video and you want to make it viral then buy Instagram video views is the best option, it will help you to increase your followers. Brands are spending their money on buying the views for Instagram videos and stories in this way they are spending much money on digital marketing just for getting more sales and increasing their revenue.

The individual persons who is just posting 2 to 3 posts weekly then they do not need to spend much money on digital marketing. They just spend money for increasing their engagement and reach more people

Buy Instagram Story Views

How We Provide Your Views on Video

We provide you video views from the real Instagram accounts, each view count will be unique. If people see the video in the loop then it will count as one view. Each count will give at least three seconds play on each video. The main thing is the thing that your video will not show to your followers because our purpose is to increase your engagement with other people so in case if your follower sees your video incidentally then it will count as a view. This is the reason you need to buy Instagram video views.

What Is Meant by Instagram Story View?

If you want to increase the views on your story then you should need to buy Instagram story views For example, the person clicks on your story and watch it then it will count as a story if he or she just clicks the story and did not watch that then it will not count as a view, watching the story is compulsory. The IG story is just showing to your followers and obviously it will depend on your following it is just as direct variation means the number of views on your story is depended on your Instagram followers if you large following then you can get maximum views on your story. If you have a number of followers who are less and you want more views on your story then SocialMaxims will help you in this matter you can buy Instagram story views from us. 

Why Are SocialMaxims Best to Buy Instagram Story Views and Video Views

Yes, we are the best videos and story views provider in the Digital market, because our services are very affordable and reliable. We have the best, fast and reliable servers. You can buy Instagram story views and Instagram video views from us. We always provide views from real accounts. We always provide fast and immediate delivery; if you are purchasing the subscription then after subscription did you will start getting views on your story and video immediately. We always provide more views than views mention on the package, we always look forward to seeing the happiness of the customer and clients. Our customer support is the best they always answering the queries of the clients and visitors. If you want to see the evidence then you can see the reviews which are left by our past clients then you can see why we are the best and reliable. People love to buy Instagram story views and video views from us.

Highlights Of Buy Instagram Views

  • Views will be high quality
  • Economical and affordable prices
  • Views start immediately
  • Real and worldwide views
  • Additional video views in free

Highlights Of Buy Instagram Story Views

  • Order will be completed in 2 hours
  • Cheap and affordable prices
  • Views start just after purchase
  • Unique and real views
  • Additional views on the story for free

Why Should You Need to Buy Instagram Video Views?

If the new brand and new business come on Instagram for selling the products then they will face many problems in this field because they are a newbie on Instagram, and they have no followers then how will they sell their products. If they upload any video and no person will come to see that content it means that content is useless for now. In this way, you need to buy Instagram video views and literally, this way is illegal because you will get real and unique views from us, we will help you to promote your business.

If you buy Instagram video views then you will get many benefits except views on your videos and stories and that is you can increase your engagement with the visitors, you can get many followers if your content is eye catchy and attractive because this is the natural people love to follow that thing that has beauty and attraction. So always try to promote that thing that has an attraction.

Why Should You Need to Purchase Story Views?

The story is the best feature of Instagram. Instagram increases its visitors because of this feature, people love to see content on the stories and this is the best way of promoting your business or product. As we mention for videos similarly if you have zero followings then upload content in the story it has no meaning because only followers can see the story. If you have zero view count in the story then how will you get benefit from it and how will become popular so for this purpose you need to buy the Instagram story views for getting more visitors.

How Paid Views on Video Will Assist You for Getting Viral.

As you know, whenever people see any video on Instagram that many views then anxiety will birth in the heart for watching that video similarly if you buy Instagram video views, your video will start getting views quickly in just a couple of minutes and you will see that your video gets thousands of views. If you follower and any person will see your video with high views ration then automatically, he or she will click your videos to play in anxiety.

The one thing is we always provide real and unique views. We are not doing a scam in this field because we are reliable. If your video gets real and unique views then it is the algorithm of the Instagram that they always promote that content and show it in trending that getting organic views quickly.

How Paid Views on Story Will Assist You in Getting Popular.

According to the Instagram algorithm the stories shown to every follow on ranking and ranking decides on the views mean if the number of views is huge then there is a chance that your story will be shown on top otherwise if you have no views or less numb of views then in this way you need to buy Instagram story views, We provide real and unique views from worldwide on your story, If you purchase views from us then we will provide you some additional views for free and views count on your start increasing which help in ranking your story in followers feeds.

When your story starts getting views and it will be shown in the top stories of the follower’s new feeds buy Instagram story views, your followers start reading your story if your story has attraction then might be they will share your story that’s how your story will become viral worldwide. So without wasting any time buy Instagram story views from us and get a chance to become viral in the world.

What is the maximum duration of the video?

The maximum duration of the video is 60 seconds. If the length of the video is more than 60 seconds then it will be split.

What is meant by IG video post?

The IG video post actually the small video clip which consists of a maximum of 1 minute (60 seconds). You can upload on your profile as you upload pictures.

Does Instagram count your own watching view?

Yes, Instagram does it, if you watch your own video then it will count as a view. The minimum duration of the view must be 3 sec.

Does Instagram count the video view from the same user?

Yes, Instagram counts the video from the user. If the user watches the video more than one time then it will include more than 1, but each view should be 3 sec.

What is meant by IG story?

IG story is the most rated feature of Instagram in which people upload their pictures, videos and statuses just 24 hours.

For how much time story stay online?

The Instagram story remains online just for 24 hours. After 24 hours it will automatically delete.

What is meant by hiding IG story?

Hiding story means if you don’t wish that any person or your followers watch your story then you can set privacy on your story and nobody will see your story.

How can you delete your story?

You can delete the story by just follow the simple steps i.e. click on the right bottom option then you will see delete option click on that at last to confirmation.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Differentiate Between Story Views and Video Views Services?

The story view service is only offered for your stories those have appeared to your followers in their news feeds, on the other hand, the video views services are only for the videos those uploaded and shown on your follower’s feeds.

What Things Did You Require from Us to Providing Views?

You don’t need to give us your account information (username and password), it is up to you if you are comfortable to give username otherwise just give us the link of video or story where you want views. We will provide you a dashboard where you can monitor the views means how many views are done and how much is remaining.

Are the Story Views and Videos from The Real IG Accounts?

Yes, we provide the story views and video views from the real accounts, people from all over the world are registered with us. All views will 100% save and unique so you can buy Instagram story views and Instagram video views.

In How Much Time Will You Deliver the Services Completely?

Well, as you buy Instagram video views or buy Instagram story views then after confirmation of everything your videos and stories start getting views, there are different completion times for both i.e. video views and story views. The video views are done in just a few minutes on the other hand for story views 2 hours will maximum required.


If you are a new brand or individual person on Instagram then you should need to buy Instagram story views and buy Instagram video views. The paid views will help you in making your videos and stories viral, by this you can increase the engagement with your visitors and followers. Paid views are helping to boost your videos and stories organically. You can buy Instagram story views and video views at economical prices from us.