Instagram story is the best feature of the Instagram that is commonly used by almost all users of the Instagram. People upload the pictures and videos of their instant moments on the Instagram story. Instagram story is used by both individual user and business user. Individual use it for uploading their live moments and watching other moments on the other hand business man use Instagram story for uploading the material related to their business or product.

Whenever you open the Instagram application then you will see on the top of the screen there are small circles are showing those are actually stories of the people you have followed. Instagram story is the best opportunity for getting more followers and engagement with visitors because people love to use Instagram story because they feel stress or pressure free when they are uploading their content on Instagram story.

If you have the following more than 10 thousand then you can do great business via IG story as well as you can increase the traffic of your blog or website. Instagram story is very helpful if you have an Ecommerce website because you can generate more sales from Instagram story.

Why You Need to Use Instagram Story

The question is rising in every mind that why we need to use Instagram story? Instagram story is very easy to use and very convenient way of posting the pictures and videos. Instagram story is mostly used for live moments sharing and business products promotion. Instagram stories are creating direct bonding between you and your followers.

Posting regularly on Instagram story is one of the best ways to create more engagement with your audience. As we know millions of people are using Instagram per day and they do socialize with people and do posting on Instagram just for the sake of more engagement. By the use of IG story, you can get multiple benefits either in your personal life or in your business life.

You should need to try post video on your story because people like to watch videos instead of pictures so it is also the best way for creating connections with other people.

What Instagram Story Actually Is

Instagram story is the feature where people upload their pictures, videos and music, adding music feature is just launched in some countries so it is not much popular. Instagram story is mostly use by two types of people one those like socializing with other people or they want to increase engagement with the audience on the other hand Instagram story is mostly use by the brands or business company because it is the best of promoting their business over digital marketing and getting more sales from the Instagram if they have huge number of following. In short words IG story is more beneficial for the brands and business instead of individual.

The story concept was first introduced in the SnapChat, but now Instagram story feature is more popular than Snapchat because of Facebook has done too much promotion of the Instagram this is why people like to use Instagram story instead of SnapChat story.

Instagram story is the updated feature of the Instagram and million people per day using this feature because this feature has separate fan base. Mostly come to Instagram just for watching the stories of the people to whom they follow. Instagram story is located at the top of the Instagram application home page and this is the big reason behind why people mostly use Instagram story again and again, It is natural whenever people open the Instagram application then they will definitely see the IG story on the top so 80% of people will prefer to watch that story.

How You Can Use Instagram Story

Using Instagram story is very easy. If you want to post on Instagram story then you need to click on camera button after that you will see the different options like go live, normal, boomerang and rewind etc. just choose one option and create the post. In normal you can create the picture or video but in other options you can just create video. After creating the post you can add stickers, filter and location tag by swiping on the post. After your post done then you can go to publish page. After publishing the post you will see the options of sharing your story with your friends, you should share it with your friends or followers because by this you can gain more views and reaches to your profile.

For interactive and attractive Instagram story post, you need to design your post properly, use proper hashtags, try to mention your location tag and mention your 2 to 3 followers on your post. If you do all these things then your IG story can get more reaches and it will have chances to get viral. You can do one more that you can do polling on your story means you can ask interesting and trending questions on your story and there is a chance your audience will respond to you on your question.

How You Can Add IG Story Highlights

Instagram story highlights is little bit different from IG story, In IG story highlights you can keep your post online for more than 24 hours this is the big difference. If you want to post on IG story highlights then you need to go to your profile then you will see a circle with addition sign mark click on that then you will face some options the same options you see when you post on IG story create your post or choose the post from the gallery then publish on your IG story highlights. People use IG story highlights for keeping their content for audience for long term and whenever people come to their profile they find some extraordinary.

How Can You Add A Link On Your IG Story?

There is very easy for adding the link on the story, you just need to click on the link button that is located on the top click on that button and put your link on that. It is very good if you put the swipe up option on your story when you add the link because when visitor saw the swipe up option then anxiety will develop in him or her to open that link. If you have a following of more than 10 thousand then you can get more benefit.

How You Can Increase Views on Your IG Story

There are many tips and tricks with the help of them you can increase your views on IG story.

  • Share your IG story with your followers and friends on Instagram. During publishing Instagram give the option of sharing with people, you can share to increase views
  • You can share your IG story on the and directly from the Instagram when you publish your story. With this help you can get more engagement with the people and audience of other social media platforms.
  • Create your content attractive, It is very organic way getting more views. Because if people see your attractive post then might be they will share your IG story with their friends or on their social platforms.
  • Use proper hashtags, there are many applications available those are providing free hashtags. You just need to choose trending hashtags that are relevant to your content, literally it will give high boost to your story.
  • If you don’t want to do manual hard work for getting views then you can buy views from Instagram services providers. There are many websites are available those are providing IG story views in low rates.