Privacy Policy

At Social Maxims we take your privacy concerns seriously. To this end, we have taken all measures to maintain the highest security standards so your data is safe. Your personal data is only collected with the intent of order fulfillment and not for any other purpose.

This privacy policy details our outlook towards your data security – to help you understand how your personal information is protected and stored on our servers.

To reiterate, we are fully committed to protecting your data privacy in accordance with the principles that are stated on this page. We will not use your data for ad targeting or redistribute your information to any other entity.

What We Do With Collected Information

The reason for any data collected from you is clearly explained beforehand. Ample explanation is given to the user as to the purpose of collecting aforementioned data.

These are personal data we require from you –

  • Email Address
  • Social Network Profile (Username only)

We require your email address to communicate order delivery information or any other order related queries. Social network profile is solely for the purpose of carrying out the order.

We collect your IP address for our records. This is purely for security reasons. Our security protocols can scan and ban malicious IP addresses which can be used by unscrupulous people to scam and exploit the system. This IP database is used to ensure website integrity and guard against malicious hacking attempts. Another thing is that IP addresses let us provide you with the best payment gateway option that is applicable to your location.

Please understand that the personal data that you share with us needs to be relevant as well as updated. This is in order for tracking your purchases as well as resolving disputes more efficiently.

We are completely transparent and educate our users about how their data is managed as well as used in connection with our services.

We use the latest security measures that prevent any customer’s personal information from being stolen or misused. Measures are in place that halt unauthorized access, disclosing or copying of aforementioned personal data.

All of your payments and corresponding information will be processed with a secure and trusted third party payment gateway. It has the highest standard SSL encryption which means it’s virtually unbreakable.

This payment gateway may store limited financial information to make your checkout process easier but will never store complete details of the transaction so it cannot be duplicated or misrepresented.

Personal Information Usage

Any personal information entered by the user is only used to provide better services, personalization, and improved administrative options on the website. We will not misuse or resell your information to other agencies. We understand that holding a user’s personal information is a privilege, and your trust is critical to us.

Service Providers

Social Maxims uses other agents, contractors, or companies to ensure fault and lag free services to our users. These services generally include payment, marketing, advertising, communications, and IT services. This contains user interactions with our website and in no way encroaches privacy concerns. These service providers use personal information only in connection with the nature of their services and not to resell or disseminate sensitive user information.

Browser Cookies

Web browser cookies are stored on your browsers, which can help enhance your experience. You can always choose to opt out of this as well as delete these cookies from your browser.

Changes To Privacy Policy

Social Maxims reserves the right to change or update their privacy policy at any time and without notice. The responsibility falls on the user to keep themselves abreast of changes to this privacy policy.

Contact Us

If you wish to have a better understanding of how our privacy policy is applicable to you or how your personal information is handled, do reach out to us through our contact page.