Now, this is digital marketing and Instagram is considered as the most powerful tool for digital and social media marketing. How much you can invest in making creative Instagram stories, but you are not gaining any efficient engagement without views on the story.

Instagram has the traffic of more than 500 million daily, so in this high rush it is very difficult else you can say it is impossible to increase on story organically. In this article we will guide you some useful tips and tricks to increase Instagram story views.

Here we will show you 6 tips, if you follow these tips effectively you can get too many benefits. Even if you are a newcomer on Instagram you can get even more than you buy Instagram story views.

1. Focus on Making Creative Content for Instagram Story

If you really want to get the attention of the users, and want new users on your story and want them to follow you then you should be focused on making creative content.

The concept of the Instagram story was taken from snapchat, in which people can share their activities of the daily life routine. It’s up to you that you can use the Instagram story for unprofessional or professional use.

Whenever you are going to create the video or photo for the Instagram story, make it like you are making for the Instagram feed. Obviously the dimension for Instagram stories is different. The official dimension of the IG story video is 1080 pixels x 1920 pixels (9:16 ratio).

Always maintain the quality of the content standard. In the mean of getting more views on the Instagram story, it is very important to have high quality story content.

As like snapchat the Instagram story will remain online for 24 hours, if you want to keep it for long then you can set it as a highlight.

If you are the creator, and want to test your creative content, then literally the Instagram story is the best platform. You can get and learn a lot from the Instagram story.

2. Publish Content Regularly

If you are sincere with your passion on Instagram then you should be regular yourself, remember one thing if you are consistent and regular then you can achieve anything in your life.. Like other brands, you need to be consistent in publishing your content on Instagram story. It is not compulsory you fill your story with the waste. Three to Five posts are enough for a day. For getting consistent we have some tips for you.

You should have the content for a whole week at least.

Set the day and time for publishing your content (not compulsory you post on a daily basis), and always try to post between 9 am to 9 pm, because it is the peak time on Instagram.

We would recommend you to post frequently on Thursday to Sunday, because on these days you can get much better traffic on your posts.

Always inform your audience before posting any new content.

If you follow these guides literally the bond you have created between you and the audience will never break, you will always be up to date with your audience.

3. Create Pool or Ask Question to Audience

Instagram offers you amazing stickers in Instagram stories. Such as Hashtag, geotag, Polling, Ask Questions and other types of stickers. People love to participate in answering the questions and in polling. This is the simplest and easiest way for catching the attention of the people. You can ask the question to the audience by using a Question sticker. When you choose the sticker you have to write the question, and then post the story. Any user who will see your story will try to answer the question, for appreciating the answer of the audience you can share the answers in the story too.

Similarly you can ask the question with multiple choice answers in the story with the help of a polling sticker. For example you can ask the question which player do you like most and answer you can write the name of popular players like Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and so on. For this you need to analyse your audience, in which they are taking interest and try to involve them in the same type of activities. This is how you will be able to attract more users toward you.

4. Use Hashtags

If you want to get likes on Instagram posts instantly, then you should use the Hashtags. Hashtag is the combination of two words Hash and Word. You will use keywords with the hash sign. The hashtags help the search engine to extract the data relevant to the search query. You can get the free hashtags from the internet. There are lots of applications and websites that offer free hashtags. You just need to put the category and the app or website will give you plenty of hashtags. Either you can put the hashtags with the hash sign or use the hashtags sticker available in Instagram story. In the sticker you just need to put the word. There are few things you need to keep in your mind during use of hashtags.

  • The hashtags should be relevant to your brand’s niche.
  • Never use vulgar words as hashtags in the caption.
  • Never stuff your story with the hashtags. Two to Three tags are enough.
  • Don’t copy the same hashtags on every story.

If you have uploaded the videos in the story where hashtags play a very important role. You must need to mention the hashtags, and this is how you will free Instagram video views.

5. Use Geotags

If you are looking for local traffic on your Instagram post, then you should use the geo tag on your story. The Geo tag is used for multi purpose.

  • The first purpose as we have mentioned is to gain more traffic from locals.
  • Your post will be shown in the region that you will mention in the story. For example if you mention New York, USA then people from New York will search about your post related, then your post might be shown in the search results.
  • You can use a geotag for sharing your current location to the audience, or you can use it for sharing the place where you have shot the picture or video.
  • If you are sharing the pictures of events or places then use this sticker to tell the people about the name and address of the place.

The use of geo tag is very convenient, just need to choose from the sticker catalogue. The sticker will be shown on the story. You will have two options either you can add the location manually, or if your GPS is on Instagram will automatically detect your location.

6. Mention Your Competitor and Other Accounts.

We hope you must have the knowledge of creating backlink, if you are familiar with SEO then you should be. If you are doing business on Instagram then you should have a competitor on Instagram. If you mention your competitor in your story, in this way you are creating the bond with the competitor. When people search about your competitor or being the posts of the competitor in recommendation, maybe your posts will also show.

Similarly you can also mention the other accounts in the story, with the sign of “@”. If you have spent the time with any person in the event or you have attended the event of any person then must mention that person while you are uploading the images and videos of that event. Also write the caption in the honour of that person. If that person is the celebrity of an influencer on Instagram then literally it will be very beneficial for you.


All tips and tricks mentioned here are well defined here, and we hope you will get all of these very well. We are not guaranteed but you will definitely get a few results. Let’s take a recap of the article. Your content should be creative and high quality,always upload the content on time and regular. Use proper hashtags and geotag in the story. You can also mention the people in the story for creating the bond with them. We hope you will like this article. In case of any query just simply comment here.